Spice Product List

    200 gr 500 gr 1KG
Chilli Powder   R20,00 R40,00 R80,00
Kashmiri chilli powder   R25,00 R50,00 R80,00
Turmeric   R20,00 R30,00 R55,00
Dhania jeera   R20,00 R40,00 R100,00
Garam masala   R30,00 R75,00 R150,00
Mixed Masala   R25,00 R50,00 R80,00
Pickle (methi) Masala   R20,00 R30,00 R50,00
Breyani mixed powder (masala)   R30,00 R55,00 R110,00
Tea masala   R250,00 R425,00 R850,00
Braai spice   R30,00 R40,00 R80,00
Cinnamon powder   R20,00 R30,00 R60,00
Chips spices   R15,00 R25,00 R40,00
Mutton and beef spice   R15,00 R25,00 R40,00
Fish spice   R20,00 R30,00 R50,00
Lemon and herb Spice   R15,00 R25,00 R40,00
Price Subject to change without prior notice