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Sweet Potato Pie Empanadas

Ingredients:for the dough:3 cups flour3/4 cup butter1/4 to 1/2 cup cold watertablespoon sugarpinch saltfor the filling:2 1/2 cups mashed sweet potatoes (cooled, can be made ahead of time)2 eggs1/4 cup (homemade) vanilla bean infused rum (or 1 tablespoon vanilla)1/2 teaspoon star anise1/2 teaspoon al

Gajar matar sabzi recipe, carrot peas sabji

Gajar matar sabzi is a classic combo vegetable sabzi made especially when the red carrots and fresh peas are in season.Though I meant to post earlier before the winter is over, when the Delhi carrots and peas are available. But last season somehow could not post it. So saved this post as draft. Bett

Moros y Cristianos (Cuban-style Rice and Beans)

Ingredients:1 white onion, diced2 cubanelle peppers, diced4-5 cloves garlic, minced2 oz can tomato paste2-15 oz cans black beans (do not drain!)1 teaspoon oregano1/2 teaspoon cumin2 bay leaves2 tablespoons red wine vinegarsaltfreshly ground black pepper2 1/2 cups cooked white riceDirections:In a lar

15 minute Instant Pot Shrimp Curry- Easy Shrimp Curry

15 minutes and you will have a delicious shrimp curry made in the Instant Pot…I’m obsessed with shrimp and this is one of the dishes I make often in the Instant Pot. Throw in all the ingredients and pressure cook for 3 minutes followed by a quick pressure release; delicious shrimp curry will be read

Lunch Recipes-Kerala Lunch Recipe Ideas 3

Kerala style lunch: rice, shrimp roast, beans thoran and yogurt/pickleRecipes:Sona Massori rice: can be cooked in the rice cooker or over stove top- rinse the rice under running water, add the rinsed rice to a large pot, add enough water to cover the rice and cook for 15 to 20 minutes till the rice