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Spicy Pepper Chicken Podimas Biryani - Ulta Curry Chicken Biryani, Chicken Curry Biryani, Biryani

CHICKEN PODI MAS BIRYANI Take a pressure cooker add 1tsp of oil Add whole garam masala Add ½ cup of cube onions Add ½ cup of mint leaves Add 2 ½ cup of rice Add 4 cups of water Add some salt (required) and cook it. Heat a pan add 2 tb spn of oil Add ½ cup of chopped onions Add so

Cake mixing ceremony

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Aam Papad Recipe

Aam Papad Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Mango Bars taste so delicious and so easy to make.Aam Papad with Step by step pictures.Mango papad can be cooked in a kadai till thickenened. Then it is dried under sun or fan till it gets dry. Taste so delicious and full of mango goodness.You can dry it

Vegetable Pizza Pockets - Crispy Vegetable Patties - Crunchy Pizza Bites - Home Made Pizza Bites

VEGETABLE PIZZA POCKETS Take a pan add 1 cup of water add 1 tsp of butter Add pinch of salt and boil it. Now add 2 cup of all purpose flour and mix it In a plate add 1 tsp of beans, sweet corn Add 1 tsp of carrot, capsicum,cauliflower Add ½ tsp of garam masala Add 1 tsp of chopped ginge

Caramel Walnut Truffles Recipe

Caramel Biscuits Truffles Recipe with Step by Step Pictures.Biscuit Truffles are delicious and with a addition of caramel sauce and chopped walnuts these bite size morsels are heaven.Check this coconut jaggery milk balls recipe tooTips to get perfect truffles1)Make the dough balls and store in freez