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Chicken Lolipops And Noodles - Easy Chicken Snack Recipe - Party Snacks Kids Just Love It

chicken lolipop is made from chicken wings and a popular indo chinese snack Chicken lollipop with garlic noodles Ingredients;- Chicken wings -10no’s Noodles - 1 cup All purpose flour - 1tbs Corn flour - 1tbs Flavouring salt - pinch Five spice powder - ½ tsp Red chilli powder - 1tsp Egg -

Nutritious Veggi Long Beans Poriyal Tofu Currry, Yard Beans Knots - Chef Tricks with Beans

lunch box recipe with beans and chef tips and tricks with knots of veggies and simple tofu recipe for making nutritious Protein rich veggies Long yard beans knots Ingredients;- Long beans - 10 Sugar - 1 tsp Salt - to taste Vinegar - 1 tsp Butter - 1 cube Sesame seeds - 1 tsp Water - 1 cup

Homemade potato chips, urulai kizhangu chips

Homemade potato chips recipe with quick video, step by step pictures. Crispy, light and easy to make at home. Salt and pepper flavour.Do you want to make homemade potato chips? First thing you have to get right is the potato variety. Trust me, I have tried with various types of potatoes here in Sin

Instant Pot Chana Dal & Tomato Sambar- Instant Pot Best Tasting Sambar- Vegetarian Lentil Curry

Flavorful and delicious Chana Dal and Tomato Sambar made in the Instant Pot… Sambar is a popular South Indian vegetarian curry served with rice, dosa, idli, etc. It’s made with cooked lentil and mixed veggies, seasoned with aromatic spices and tamarind extract is added that imparts the slightly tang

Instant Pot Easy Spinach Chicken Or Green Chicken Recipe

Easy Spinach chicken made in the Instant Pot… Healthy and delicious spinach chicken is ready in the Instant pot in no time. Green chicken or spinach chicken- packed with nutrients and can be made effortlessly. Firstly, season the cubed chicken breast with aromatic Indian spices and let marinate for